Cupcakes, Rainbows and Shipping...

Anonymous said: Just wondering. Poly is nice, but so is being faithful... Anyway, I added you on skype. We've only spoken once before...

i’m not poly so i really don’t see the point of it, no offense to those who are !!
i’ll stick with my girlfriend thank you

/ waits to Anaconda bc i think i know who u r—

Anonymous said: You're not poly? -Anon2(Sorry, I'm a girl. Bob won't work.)

bob could be short for roberta—

nope sorry y u ask-

Anonymous said: Different anon here. You can call me Anon2. Just wondering, do you like girls?

oh hello there anon2 !!
can i call you bob—

hec k y yeah i do pansexual all the way baby !!
why u ask im taken sorry

Anonymous said: So why are you up at 5am anyway?

i woke up horny @ 4am

Anonymous said: Yay China! I've always wanted to go to China! They have yummy food there. Apart from they eat bugs. Eeeew.

you can avoid the bugs real easy !!

Anonymous said: Where even is that? It's the East isn't it? Like near China?

Nestled between thailand & vietnam, next to china

Anonymous said: Oh so you ARE from Japan?

what no
I live in cambodia

Anonymous said: No. No hints. I am mysterious anon. What are you working on right now?

hhhhhfffffffffgghhhhkkugcdddddd ur mean /huff huff
im not its like 5am

Anonymous said: B-but my otp... YOU NEED TO WATCH IT

i caaaan’t i have a whole list of things i need to watchh
i cant even watch klk or sword art online bc of my workload & i need to finish klk !!

Just a nickname or something?
A hint?

Anonymous said: I'm a pretty boring person. Unless i'm anonymous. Then suddenly i'm mysterious and interesting ;). Do you watch/read Black Butler?

/ whiiiines
But u said i knew u i need to knowww
No, sorry, I don’t/haven’t ;~;