Cupcakes, Rainbows and Shipping...

sleepysnaiiil said: I don't have a dA. I dont really draw, i just like looking at other people's and generally being a fangirl >.<

sweet x

you visited mine, right?
since when?

sleepysnaiiil said: I dont think i'm fuckface.

who r u on dA

Anonymous said: I dont think i'm fuckface? Um...unless you secretly hate me. Then i will go hide in a corner and cry.

mmmm u cant trust internet people

Prove ur not fuckface by messaging me when i turn anon off

Anonymous said: There aren't that many anons. Just two i think? Give me a name if you want? And if you turned off anon how would i cheer you up when you're feeling sad about yourself?

uhhhh ur late to the party im back to normal rn that was like ages ago

sweetie u can message me off anon thats legal u know

unless if ur fuckface ofc

Anonymous said: How else do you think i saw your cute pictures? And then i realised you were sad so i came to cheer you up. No one deserves to be sad <3

i rly need to give u anons all names im getting u all muddled wHY DO PEOPLE EVEN USE THE ANON BUTTON so annoyinggg i might turn it iff u know that what would u do


got u there

Anonymous said: You're amazing! So no need to be so down <3 Make some pretty pictures if you're sad xx

its too late to draw ew ;~;

mmmm u saw my journals so u know who i am on both dA & here

the most recent ones are charlotte & fuckface

Anonymous said: I don't think you're 51% disappointment either. You're all kittens. Kittens. KITTEHS. (Seriously though, cheer up for me?)

/ melts into a puddle of swarming kittens

they will find out who u rrrr

Anonymous said: I dont think you're 49% disappointment :)


who r u

Anonymous said: Just wondering. Poly is nice, but so is being faithful... Anyway, I added you on skype. We've only spoken once before...

i’m not poly so i really don’t see the point of it, no offense to those who are !!
i’ll stick with my girlfriend thank you

/ waits to Anaconda bc i think i know who u r—

Anonymous said: You're not poly? -Anon2(Sorry, I'm a girl. Bob won't work.)

bob could be short for roberta—

nope sorry y u ask-